Cryptocurrency Billionaire Co-Host Convention For Independent Voters

Cryptocurrency Billionaire Co-Host Convention For Independent Voters


Americans have a palpable dissatisfaction with the bipartisan system. This Wyoming event aims to reach them.

The Independent National Committee launched INC2020, an inaugural event focused on establishing an Independent National Union (INU) as a continuous national body serving independent Americans. Co-organized by cryptocurrency billionaire Brock Pierce, the 3-day event will bring together political independents with diverse political views to participate in various popular resolutions.

"I will predict that the INC - in its first inaugural year - will be more significant than the DNC and RNC combined this year", he said. "Wyoming will be participating in making history once again thanks to this event", said Brock Pierce, 2020 Candidate for President of the USA.

"40% of Americans are independent politicians. But the system is designed to prevent independent candidates from having equal representation and participation. INU will establish an independent nomination process to unite us around candidates who truly represent the people. We are giving the steps of the first one towards a future where competent and independent community leaders no longer refuse public office because they are suspicious of the bipartisan system. It is time to create alternatives for the independent majority"

Christopher Life, founder of the Independent National Union and executive producer at INC.

INU's first act is to host the INC event to bring together delegates from across the independent sector to act collectively, as a union. Delegates will participate in the vote and support the resolutions and issues that matter most to their potential constituents. Notable delegates include:

  • Brittany Kaiser, Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower and Privacy Advocate
  • Brock Pierce, American businessman and 2020 Independence Party candidate for U.S. President
  • Christina Tobin, American activist, electoral reform leader, founder of the Free & Equal Elections Foundation
  • Frank McKay, President of the State of the New York Independence Party and National President of the Independence Party of America

The INC2020 will bring together candidates, voters, thought leaders, business leaders, activists, innovators and politically independent community organizers.

The event will be held in the Grand Ballroom of the Little America Hotel & Resort. The October 24 post-party will feature the Mayan Warrior, one of Burning Man's most technologically advanced and culturally powerful "art cars".