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Online Trading Strategies That Will Drive Business Growth – Bitcoin Edition


Perfect representation of this segment are definitely the opportunities that come with the use of Bitcoin, which is considered the most popular digital value that is currently occurring. Its popularity only creates these numerous relationships that establish the perfect environment where users can make unfair profits, which in addition can be used in various ways. Here you can also decide to follow this path and have the chance to incorporate them into your business strategy and drive overall growth.

The best thing about the emergence of technology is that you can easily access the advantages it has to offer. In our case of online trading of Bitcoins, you can check the Bitcoin Code automated trading platform and have the chance to find out what are your real chances of earning profits through Bitcoin trading.

Just taking advantage of the abundance of opportunities that will arise with the use of bitcoin code, you will be able to try out the impressive trading algorithm that will help you generate the most profitable trading possibilities that you can use later to drive overall growth of your business.

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Trade Veteran Peter Brandt Argues Bitcoin Price Is Targeting $50,000


The immense volatility and rapid price actions seen in the cryptocurrency market add credibility to the high thesis. 40-year veteran of trading, Peter Brandt, expects Bitcoin to continue advancing as a new bull market officially begins, but a setback should occur first.

While prices have managed to regain the $19,000 level as support in recent hours, one of the industry's most prominent analysts says there is more room to fall.

Factor LLC founder and CEO Peter Brandt says Bitcoin is about to suffer more losses before regaining the bullish momentum seen in recent months. Based on historical data, chartist claims that the pioneering cryptocurrency saw a total of nine corrections during its previous bull run.

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German Finance Minister Calls For Accelerated Development Of Digital Euro


Germany's finance minister and well-known crypto critic Olaf Scholz wants the European Central Bank (ECB) to move faster with its decision on a potential digital euro. Scholz is known for defending anti-cryptocurrency sentiments while encouraging the EU to develop digital currencies to prevent the proliferation of virtual private currencies.

Scholz's call for an EU CBDC echoes the sentiment shared by The Governor of France's central bank, Fran├žois Villeroy de Galhau, in September. According to de Galhau, a digital euro was important because the EU could not afford to lag behind in the CBDC race. The president of the European Central Bank (ECB) also commented on the digital euro in September. As CryptoPotato reported, ECB chief Christine Lagarde said the introduction of a digital euro would work in a complementary way to the region's fiat currency system.

Scholz is arguably one of Europe's noisiest anti-crypto finance chiefs. On several occasions, the German finance minister has issued warnings about the dangers of private digital currencies such as Facebook's Libra.

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Stellar Surpasses Many Cryptos, Annual Gain Reaches 233%


An unknown crypto, Stellar (XLM), which currently ranks 11th in the hierarchy of the most valuable crypto by market value, has gained huge buying interests from global investors at an unprecedented level.

These buying interests, as seen in recent times, are largely responsible for the XLM gain of up to 233% in the year. Its incredible return outweighs the crypto-verse's main cryptographic assets.

At the time of writing this report, the XLM was trading at $0.197108, with a daily trading volume of $915,396,826. The price of the XLM has risen 0.9% in the last 24 hours. It has a current stock of 22 billion coins and a maximum supply of 50 billion coins.

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Saudi Bilateral, UAE Digital Currency Experiment Shows Benefits Of Distributed Ledgers, Says Central Banks


The central banks of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have completed a digital currency pilot (CBDC), finding that distributed accounting technology can improve international transactions and meet the demands of financial privacy in a purely digital context.

In a 93-page overview of the "Aber" project, the two central banks outlined the lessons learned from a year-long proof of concept designed to test the viability of a digital currency shared between nations. They found that a distributed payment system offers "significant improvements over centralized payment systems" for settlements of domestic and international commercial banks.

In addition to the two central banks, six local commercial banks managed us and contributed "real money" from reserves deposited in central banks. The pilot was built on Hyperledger Fabric, an open source and authorized distributed ledger linked to the Linux Foundation and IBM. However, the JPMorgan Quorum, a private version of Ethereum, and the R3 DTL String system were also considered.

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Bloomberg Columnist: Bitcoin Is Part of a Real Financial Revolution


Covid-19 has been good for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as usual. First, the pandemic accelerated our advance to an extra digital phrase: What could take 10 years was achieved in 10 months. Individuals who have never before risked a web-based transaction have been pressured to strive for the easy purpose of which banks have been closed. Secondly, and consequently, the pandemic has considerably increased our advertising to monetary surveillance, in addition to monetary fraud. Each of these developments has been good for Bitcoin.

What is happening is that Bitcoin is gradually being adopted not so much as a cost technique, but as a value retailer. Not just high-net worth people, but, moreover, technology companies are investing. In July, Michael Saylor, the billionaire and founder of MicroStrategy, instructed his company to keep some of its cash reserves on several properties.

In September, the company's treasury of MicroStrategy had bought bitcoins worth $425 million. Sq., the San Francisco-based fund firm, bought bitcoins worth $50 million last month. The PayPal simply presented that American customers should buy, maintain and promote bitcoins from their wallets PayPal.

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Bitcoin Rally Spurs Wall Street To Question Gold Future


Whether this is a simple coincidence or the beginning of a rotation that would have a profound impact on cryptography and the precious metals market, it is impossible to know for sure. But the debate is now heating up whether the world's largest digital currency can one day rival gold as a protection against inflation and portfolio diversifier.

Bitcoin's drop last week, the largest since March after a 150% rise this year, underscores the famous volatility of the asset class that has kept conventional investors away. However, if they start moving only a small portion of their gold investments to the $350 billion Bitcoin industry, this will shift the game to diversification strategies on Wall Street.

The digital currency is a trading ground for a motley group of retail players, speculative professionals and exotic quants, while traditional investors have so far remained on the sidelines. That seems to be changing, with Guggenheim Partners LLC being just the latest manager to join the movement, alongside Paul Tudor Jones and Stan Druckenmiller.

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Bitcoin Group SE: Own Stock Of Cryptocurrencies Breaks The Barrier Of 60 Million Euros And Reaches New Record


In early November, the annual target for the customer base was met ahead of schedule, with 900,000 customers. In addition, the near quadrupled bitcoin price since March this year is also reflected in the balance sheet. The own stock of cryptocurrencies has exceeded the mark of 60 million euros. About 53 million euros are accounted for by Bitcoin, the rest by other popular cryptocurrencies. By way of comparison, Bitcoin Group SE reported EUR 27.5 million in the balance sheet as of December 31, 2019.

"While our core business as an crypto bank is largely independent of cryptocurrency performance, our shareholders participate in the success of Bitcoin and Co. through our own inventory of crypto assets. The value of our assets has more than doubled since the beginning of the year. This is an extremely pleasant side effect, which we believe to be sustainable.

Especially among institutional investors, cryptocurrencies are becoming an integral part of asset allocation. The success story of cryptocurrencies is just beginning, and we're right in the middle of," says Marco Bodewein, managing director of Bitcoin Group SE.

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