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New Cryptographic Debit Card Ready For Launch In Europe After Unionpay Approval


A new debit card has been approved by Unionpay, which will increase the adoption rate of cryptocurrencies, gain attention today and be launched in many countries. The first digital asset company to obtain secure approval from Unionpay was the debit card. This debit card with multiple cryptocurrencies has a link with your wallet and is safe to use. One of the popular cryptocurrencies in the United States is ternio's Block card due to its unique features. They're cheaper.

There are only a few places where they accept these encrypted debit cards, although they have many followers. In the future, we can expect that there will be more places that accept cryptographic debit cards as technologies are increasing every day. He will become very familiar in a few years.

Cryptocurrency debit cards are gaining a lot of fame these days as it is one of the facilities we have obtained because of modern technology. We have numerous benefits from this. We can keep our money safe with us by supporting these crypto debit cards. It is easy to use and converts different currencies automatically, as we wish. But unfortunately, we don't have many places where they accept these cards instead of other payments, although it's convenient to use. In the future, it will indeed be possible, because our technology is growing a lot every day.

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Ripple Is Selling 33% Of Its Property On MoneyGram


The world's emerging financial steamroller, Ripple, recently disclosed that it is selling about 33% of its stake in MoneyGram. It is the first sale of these shares since Ripple invested in the popularly known U.S. remittance company in 2019.

Data retrieved from Ripple's filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission revealed that Ripple owns 8.6% of the outstanding shares in Moneygram or 6.22 million shares, including a warrant to purchase an additional 5.95 million shares for a total equity position of 12.2 million shares or 17% of MoneyGram outstanding shares.

Ripple announced that it will sell about 4 million shares, approximately 33.3% of its entire stake. Following this sale, the fintech company will still hold at least 3.22 million shares or 4.44% of MoneyGram.

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Facebook’s “Libra” Cryptocurrency Will Be Launched In January 2021, Despite Big Hiccups


Facebook is a member of the Libra Association, the non-profit organization that will act as a de facto central authority for the digital currency. The Libra Association has petitioned the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) to issue currency-backed stablecoins, as well as a series of stablecoins tied to currencies such as the dollar.

Stablecoins are designed to minimize price fluctuations in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. A stablecoin can be tied to a cryptocurrency, fiat currency or for exchange of goods.

The Libra Association has been criticized for its close association with the troubled social media network, which has faced several privacy scandals in recent times. The association announced a reform in April to address regulators' concerns that the digital currency could facilitate money laundering.

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Investors Fast Using Stablecoins Rather Than Money In Keeping Their Profits


Recently, the use of Stablecoins has gained momentum amid high volatility and the strong uptrend currently at stake in the crypto market.

Such evidence was attributed to the daily trading volume seen in the world's leading stablecoins, that at the time this article was written, the price of Tether was $1.00, with a daily trading volume now at 43.4 billion.

In addition, the rapidly growing USDC, a stable currency project founded by Circle and Coinbase, in recent days has shown significant use among crypto investors. Data recovered from Glassnode revealed that more than 12 million USDC were moved in just two transactions a few hours ago.

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3 Reasons Why Stellar (XLM) Had A 166% Rise In Five Days


The altcoins that led the altcoin mania of 2018 began to see big rallies first. The XRP, for example, suddenly increased from less than $0.40 to as high as $0.9 on Coinbase. This allowed XLM and other large-cap altcoins to increase.

In the near future, analysts predict that the price of BTC will remain below $18,000. Unless there is a strong disruption, technical analysts believe that the lack of volume over the weekend makes the high questionable.

Stellar, currently ranked 11th by market value, has fallen 7.03% in the last 24 hours. XLM has a market capitalization of $4.22 billion with a 24-hour volume of $1.49 billion.

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Airbnb Should Consider Integrating Blockchain Technology


The company previously plunged into cryptocurrency in 2016 when it acquired seven developers from Changecoin, the company that used to be part of the now defunct bitcoin deposit platform Changetip.

In addition, the process revealed how the company is considering whether to integrate other technologies such as distributed accounting, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and cloud technologies for the future. AI, in particular, had ramifications for the short-term rental industry, as companies used technology to monitor properties that violated specific regulations.

Airbnb made its public offering last week, after months of anticipation of the company's debut on the stock exchange. The process was postponed in March due to the Covid-19 outbreak, but the resurgence of its business over the summer brought the IPO back to the company's foreground.

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Are Tokens The Future Of All Finances?


Although there are many new technologies, they are not always successful. The success of technologies is measured by their ability to make processes more efficient. The same applies to the world of finance. As investors struggle with the cryptocurrency market, many of them have shift their focus to security tokens as they appear to be more promising.

Security tokens are the future of digital assets. In the recent past, security tokens and security token offerings have become fashionable words in finance and the encryption community. Everyone is trying to understand this digital asset.

STOs are great because they fill the gap. They are well regulated, versed and available. They have come a long way from a mere concept to success, especially in the real estate field. Owning an asset in security tokens gives investors more structure. They can expect to have their shareholding preserved in the blockchain ledger.

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Central Banks Challenge Monetary Law By Issuing Digital Currencies

european central bank

Are central banks legally allowed to issue digital currencies? In an attempt to answer this question, the legal department of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has published a document in which it makes a complete review of existing financial legal provisions. In this sense, it concludes that a reform of the laws is necessary so that the digital currencies of the central bank (CBDC) can acquire the status of legal course.

In the report, IMF advisers pointed out that cbdc issuance should be based on a sound legal basis that is consistent with central bank law. Although in many cases this law only authorizes the issuance of coins in paper or plastic. Nothing is legally backed in digital format, which represents a challenge.

However, the document proposes a form: "in any case, this lack of legal basis can be corrected by changes to the law of the central bank". However, he clarifies that even if the CBDC issue has a solid legal basis under central bank law, its status under monetary law will continue to "raise many complex issues." Especially since digital currencies do not represent a new currency and can only be considered as a form of payment expressed in currencies, according to the report.

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The Origin Of Bitcoin Can Be Located In London


According to a new study, the origin of Bitcoin and Blockchain can be found in England's capital, London. The research, conducted by Doncho Karaivanov, published in chain bulletin, suggests that the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto could have created the cryptocurrency in that European country.

These hypothetical locations would be England (GMT), East United States and Pacific (EST and PST), Japan (JST), and Australia (AEST). The author ensures that the latter two are discarded, while the first three deserve an evaluation to determine the viability of each of them.

Karaivanov's arguments about the London origin of Bitcoin could be supported by dozens of Nakamoto's movements in London time. The deadline for analyzing bitcoin creator activity runs from October 31, 2008 to December 13, 2013.

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Nigeria Is Emerging As A True Bitcoin Nation


Dorsey, a Bitcoin enthusiast, concluded that African nations have the ideal conditions for the flourishing of cryptography: weak local currencies, which make it harder to obtain the dollars needed for global trade; Complex and expensive money transfers and - perhaps most importantly - an enthusiastic, young, tech-sordid and increasingly desperate population.

Nowhere in Africa is this more true than in Nigeria, which leads Africa in trade volumes in the paxful (P2P) person-to-person (P2P) crypto exchanges. The West African nation (average age 18) is a technology center; it's always at the top of the Bitcoin search stops on Google and, according to one search, has the highest percentage of crypto users in the world. But most convincing is the evidence that bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto's original use case for Bitcoin as a payment tool is thriving positively in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, Bitcoin is "a necessity, as opposed to a luxury or something cool that you can use," said Akin Sawyerr, a U.S. crypto center and ecosystem builder who is part of the Barnbridge risk protocol operations team. . "For many people, it's basically a lifeline to keep their business running."

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