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Money tends to disappear and cryptocurrencies are a challenge

cryptos versus credit cards

The current scenario of the global pandemic. For her, this situation will result in a new reality in which cash tends to disappear. Thus, cryptocurrencies appear as a new challenge alongside machine technology and digital transactions.

For example, take a look in Sweden, in February, the central bank of Sweden started testing its cryptocurrency, the e-krona. The intention is that the digital currency will replace almost 1% of transactions that still use cash in the country.

Global Trend

Leaving Sweden and observing world trends, debits and credits cards have been gaining acceptance and space as a means of payment. Just like, more recently, digital devices.

According to studies, in the main markets, 70% of commercial establishments accept credit and debit cards as payment.

If the cost of POS is considered in the price margin composition of the products, it is concluded that low-cost products are not viable for this payment method.

But on the other hand, the means of payment by credit card is widely accepted and relatively accessible. This creates an opportunity for entry.

In a projected scenario of high unemployment and loss of income, these are important issues to drive a desired economic recovery. In this process, technology cannot be the villain, but a great ally of entrepreneurs (large and small), workers and consumers