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The Best Way to Exchange XRPs

Originally founded in 2012, Ripple developed its own digital currency called XRP, which is now one of the oldest cryptocurrencies within the crypto space. It has managed to become the world\'s third cryptocurrency after bitcoin and ethereum (as of October 2018), sometimes even replacing ethereum as the second most valuable coin. However, despite a staggering performance and widening adoption, it is still complicated for ordinary people to understand how the whole system works. So, what is XRP exactly? Why the coin became so popular that even such giants as Santander and SWIFT got interested in the company? Why the ever-growing number of institutions choose to join the RippleNet with more and more businesses adopting technologies developed by Ripple? Before we\'ll go further, and find the answers to all these questions, let\'s clarify the terms because they\'re often used wrongly. Generally, \'Ripple\' refers to three things: Ripple – the firm operating the Ripple platform XRP – the virtual currency that is developed to facilitate payments on Ripple RippleNet – a global settlement system that connects banks, exchanges and other financial firms via the distributed ledger Now, when everything is more or less clear, let\'s turn to the exploration of the fascinating world of innovations and technological advancements driven by the company. Swap XRPs with hundreds of other crypto-coins instantly