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Bitcoin Price In a Bullish Uptrend – Can We See $15k?


Not only that we can see $15k for the Bitcoin price, but most likely $16k is in the cards too. How come? For one thing, Bitcoin price action remains bid. The market keeps forming higher highs and higher lows, a typical bullish formation.

Moreover, the cryptocurrency formed an inversed head and shoulders pattern. The dive in March represents the head for the pattern, then the market broke the neckline ($10k), retested it, and now is ready to go for the measured move.

A Surge in Cryptocurrency Deposits

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Bank of Japan: Potential distribution of CBDC hinges in public support


In the midst of increased interest in cryptocurrencies by policymakers and central banks due to China's intentions to issue a digital yuan, a Bank of Japan official said that the bank's move to launch a cryptocurrency would depend on public support, reported the Bloomberg.

"At the end of the day, there is no way to proceed without getting enough knowledge from the Japanese public," said Kazushige Kamiyama, who heads BOJ's payment systems department.

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JPMorgan: Bitcoin has ‘considerable’ long-term advantage when competing with gold ‘More Intensely’


The investment bank makes a bullish comment for bitcoin as an "alternative currency" that not only serves as a storehouse of wealth but also as a means of payment.

The tide is changing.

This week PayPal announced support for cryptocurrencies, and now JP Morgan is changing the tune, as it says, Bitcoin is competing with gold as an "alternative" currency.

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As The DeFi Fires, The Euro’s Financial Institutions Are Taking an Interest in


Totally 86% of traditional companies are implementing or at least considering blockchain-based decentralized finance technology, says Boston Consulting Group.

More than four out of five traditional European financial institutions now see decentralised finance, or DeFi, as a technology worth implementing or at least considering.

That's according to "The Sudden Rise of DeFi," a new study of 411 insurers, banks and trading companies released by and the BOSTON Consulting Group BCG Platinion with an IT focus on October 22.

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2021 May Be The Year of Large Data Tokens


In recent years, investors have had to get used to the cyclical nature of the crypto markets. The last of these cycles, decentralized finance, is still developing. DeFi tokens have achieved unprecedented valuations in record time only to quickly empty, erasing tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars in market value.

The main reason why encryption and especially altcoins are so volatile is the lack of new money in the markets. Bitcoin and Ethereum may attract institutional investors, but altcoin traders still usually play a game of musical chairs. The rise of DeFi, for example, correlates with the brightness less performance of the pre-2017 alts - it's the same money chasing the next big bomb. Of course, we need new entries, but from where?

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As Companies Build Bitcoin Bonds, We All Win


The last three months in Bitcoin have been marked by large corporate entities that have transitioned significant parts of their treasury holdings to bitcoins. In August, software intelligence company MicroStrategy announced that it has bought 0.1 percent of the total supply of BTC (its CEO Michael Saylor has already reached the ceiling and become something of a celebrity in space).

The large payments company Square, which for some time has offered BTC exposure to users of its mobile payments platform, allocated $50 million of its assets to bitcoin in early October. And just yesterday, the British fintech company Mode allocated 10% of its cash reserves to buy BTC as a treasury asset.

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Ripple is a “Proud American Company” But Can Move to Japan or Singapore


Cryptocurrency regulations should not be a guessing game. For this reason, Ripple, the San Francisco-based payment company behind RippleNet, will consider Japan, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland and the United Kingdom as potential destinations if they move from the United States, its CEO, Brad Garlinghouse Bloomberg said in an interview on October 21.

Ripple considers five countries if the United States is slow

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How Bitcoin Became The Encryption Answer For Wines, Whiskeys And Watches


As Bitcoin trading volumes decrease, the asset is being viewed more as a rare asset than as a negotiable currency.

In short

  • Data says bitcoin is being used more as an investment than a negotiable currency.
  • The currency is seen more as a protection against volatility in the fiduciary markets.
  • Now it's behaving more like assets, including fine wines, rare whiskeys and classic cars.

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Bitcoin Balance (BTC) on Exchanges Falls to Two-Year Lows

  • The balance of Bitcoins on some of the major exchanges is falling rapidly, according to recent data.
  • There are many reasons why this may be the case, including the newly discovered appreciation of BTC.
  • With only a few exchanges seeing these reductions, many believe they are losing customer confidence.

The supply of Bitcoin (BTC) held by major exchanges has fallen to levels that have not been seen in the past two years. The last time BTC's balance on major trading platforms was so low was in 2018, according to data collected on October 20.

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Diving Into Tokenization: How Can This Secure and Ongoing Payment Experience Benefit You?


As the customer experience moves more and more online, convenience is becoming the top priority. Consumers are accustomed to next-day delivery and orders from their seats - and are unwilling to compromise these benefits.

When today's consumers venture into the store, they are less happy to queue or wait for a slow transaction to complete than ever before. So much so that they can get completely discouraged if they have to fish a card or enter their PIN. The advent of Apple and Samsung Pay has done little to help in this phenomenon, with customers' devices memorizing payment details for them.

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